What Is Numerology?

Jun 11, 2022

You say they are just numbers. Yes they are, but there are millenniums of knowledge behind the esoterics of numbers which are shown in the patterning of numbers. We are born on a day, month, and year made up of numbers. You will be fascinated in what the numbers can tell you…

Numbers are used to quantify the universe, but seen in patterns and countless combinations can give us insight into the macrocosm of our lives.

We are all born with a combination of numbers that gives way to a life of learning and achievements. A trained Numerologist will see and understand the combinations, plus feel the unique energy that is you, to give you insight and understanding of what you are here for in this lifetime.

The art of Numerology has its foundations based on ten numbers 0 - 9. The number ten is automatically brought down to a 1 (1 + 0 = 1) and so isn’t part of the base numbers in numerology.

The next step in unpacking the numbers is that numbers have a masculine and feminine energy about them. What is meant by that is that the masculine numbers are active and outwardly expressed, whilst the feminine numbers are passive in nature and inwardly expressed.

Knowing the above and knowing numbers work in masculine and feminine cycles the following can be surmised in relation to the numbers 0-10…

0 (neutral) : the potential

1 (active) : singular, beginning

2 (passive) : combination, duality

3 (active) : creation, possibilities

4 (passive) : consolidate, stability

5 (active) : express, adjustment

6 (passive) : connecting, harmony

7 (active) : fortitude, alignment

8 (passive) : seeking, mastery

9 (active) : attainment, understanding
10 (active/passive) : completion, beginnings

Numerology readings can give insight where things are at, but remember that you are always in control of your actions. Numerology is a reflective tool so if you are not liking where things are at you now have the knowledge and tools to understand why. But more importantly Numerology allows you insight into your core-nature which will influence everything and anything in your life. Said another way, your birth numbers are your magnet for what it is you have come here to do and so you will find yourself in the necessary situations to allow for you to learn and evolve on this Earth plane.

Numerology can highlight your strengths and the things that will come natural to you. It will also highlight your weaknesses which is what you have come here to learn and improve on. Your innate weaknesses will have you move into situations, people and places to learn, and so knowing this will have you understand that life isn’t against you but helping you to be a better you.

So looking at a random birthday - 28 : 5 : 1977 we get your personality (day number), your inner learning (month), and your life’s calling (year).

From my experience as a practicing Numerologist I can say that the subject has become very complicated and that is what life is not about. Life is complicated to blind-side us so we don’t get to know who we truly are. To understand yourself is to open your heart and shine!

To conclude, a Numerology reading is an empowering tool representing the unique-core-energy of your life, giving you clarity, understanding and direction, it reflects YOU and the wisdom of your Higher-Self, and it is a physical mirror representation of your soul and how it evolves in this lifetime.

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